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ASRock Rack's Low-Power Series Struts Its Stuff with Intel® Atom®C3000 Processor

Taipei, Taiwan, August 15th, 2017

From home offices to server rooms, demands of accessing data are rising at light speed while budgets are tightly controlled. The new launch of ASRock Rack's C3000 server motherboards is going to raise the bar for performance and capacity at a reasonable cost. It will benefit users who are looking for affordable NAS and storage solutions.

This time, ASRock Rack is releasing three types of server motherboards featuring the Next Generation Intel® Atom® C3000 Processor. Compared with the last generation, performance has been bumped up a factor of 2.3. In addition, I/O flexibility is enhanced by PCI-E3.0, SATA3 and USB3.0, delivering faster speeds and better flexibility. Last but not least, power consumption is extremely low while performance is much improved.

ASRock Rack's C3000 collection is going to focus on mini-ITX and uATX. The mini-ITX model targets home-based power users or small business owners who need inexpensive storage. As the predecessor performed well in the market, this upgraded model is expected to knock it out of the park soon. Meanwhile, the uATX model is aimed at mid to large enterprise users with more extreme storage demands. It can be effortlessly deployed, with 1U/2U rackmount chassis for cold storage or 10 bays NAS chassis.

All models are available to the market in the end of September. Please check out for more information.


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