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ASRock Rack's Statement About Malicious Microchip

Dear Customer:

On October 4, 2018, Bloomberg published an article allegedly reporting that one server manufacturer, Super Micro Computer Inc., supplies server products, which are contained malicious microchips, to its customers, including Amazon and Apple. Given that recent Bloomberg's article, ASRock Rack hereby makes the statement as follows:

ASRock Rack has neither found any malicious chips in our server products, nor been informed by our customers that malicious chips have been found. ASRock Rack conducts necessary inspection to ensure our business partner manufactures server products complied with our specification. ASRock Rack is committed to protect our customer's data; ASRock Rack has always been using strict level of security control on either hardware manufacturing or software implementation. In the future, ASRock Rack will keep on strengthening our products' security.

If there is any further question, please feel free to reach us.

Best Regards,

Weishi Sa
General Manager
Asrock Rack Inc.

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